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Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching
Today’s Business Environment is characterized by High speed of decision making, Global Competition, Expectations of quick results, Constant need of innovation, high volatility and many more. Even for a successful leader, to remain agile all the time needs a lot of ability, efforts, skills and experience. The situation may not allow the leader time to learn thru own experience. This is where mentoring and coaching plays an important role in helping the leader to equip himself / herself for the new challenges that they face all the time.

Executive Coaching is a formal contractual relationship. Coaching emphasizes on personal change via self-awareness and self- reflection. Coaching helps develop specific skills and learning in an individual. Solutions are explored and discovered in coaching. Executive coaching focuses on measurable performance improvement.

What is Executive Coaching

What is Executive Coaching Executive Coaching is primarily concerned with designing and facilitating change and continuous improvement. It involves understanding and leveraging an individual’s strength, as well as recognising and overcoming his or her weaknesses.

Organizations identify successful managers for coaching so that they become more competent in their current role, get them proactively prepared for the next role and when warranted, help them through the transitions in their responsibilities.

Organizations seek external coaches for expertise, credibility and confidentiality

Basic Features of executive Coaching
Executive Coaching is time bound, non-prescriptive, result focussed with measurable outcomes.

It is typically a series of one-on-one interactions designed to meet the individual needs of the coachee, but generally focuses on personal awareness and targeted skills to improve work performance.

It is a process to provide executives with valid information enabling them to make well informed choices.

It recognises that no two executives are alike and that each person has a unique knowledge base, learning pace and personality style.

It is a consultative relationship-based service provided by the coaches who serve as sounding boards.

It is about moving the executive towards increased versatility and effectiveness.

Forms of Executive Coaching
Coaching for Skills
The coaching process is focused on the executive’s current task. The coach helps the coachee learn specific skills, attitudes and behaviours that will directly improve work performance.
Coaching for performance
Coaching for performance involves learning that improves the executive’s effectiveness in a current job. It focuses on establishing and developing executive competencies in a current position. It can also help change individual’s behaviour and correct problems by confronting ineffective attitudes or other motivational issues, alleviating performance problems. This coaching can help executives to practice and apply new skills.
Coaching for development
It focuses on the executive’s future career or a new leadership role. Typically, executive needs to prepare for advancement by strengthening leadership skills and address long term leadership needs.
When does an organization engage a coach?
Executive coaching to help leaders realize their potential
When leaders get into higher roles that are far more complex than what they were handling, they need help. Despite being exceptional in their demonstrated competencies and their accomplished past, they might need help in preparing themselves to go to the next level. For leader who have been promoted or who are new to their roles, executive coaching can prove to be a support mechanism.
Coaching as an important leadership development intervention
Organizations constantly make available leadership development opportunities for their employees with potential and promise. These leadership development initiatives include a variety of interventions ranging from conceptual inputs to structured feedback. To get the best value out of this investment and make the process complete, organizations constantly look forward to assign an executive coach to their chosen leaders so that he / she is able to build new perspectives, challenge his / her own thinking and learn to demonstrate new behaviour. Executive coaching can play a huge facilitative role.
Performance improvement and personal change
Most leaders want to improve their level of effectiveness and also learn to demonstrate a much more versatile style of leadership given the challenging environment in which they work. This task becomes achievable, if such leaders, partner with a coach.
Coaching methodology
Coaching today is as much a science as an art. We use a well-defined process during the coaching engagement. Major phases in our process include Pre-Engagement, Engagement and Closure. Typical milestones in the process include a chemistry meeting, a three-way meeting with the sponsor, Assessments and feedback for enhanced self-awareness, goal setting, Action plan preparation, Implementation and a three-way closure meeting.

Use of tools :
Our methodology includes assessment through instruments and surveys. Most common being the 360-feedback survey. Additionally, depending upon the situation and the coachee’s needs, psychometric instruments are put to use to collect additional data about the coachee’s personality and leadership style.

Typical instruments that can be used are from the following:
• VIA 24 Character Strengths
• EQi 2.0
• Self-limiting beliefs Checklist
• Holistic Life Model
• Source of Pressure Questionnaire
• 360-degree feedback

No instrument is used without concurrence of the client.

Ethical framework
Considering that the Coach-coachee relationship is based on high level of trust and credibility, confidentiality and integrity play a key role in the success of the engagement. We strictly follow an ethical framework that ensures that highest level of confidentiality and integrity is maintained by the coach.
Our Coaches :
All our coaches are experienced and formally certified by the Coaching Foundation India.
All our coaches are highly experienced leaders from corporate world with more than 30 years of experience. During their working days they held senior leadership positions in esteemed organizations. Apart from being professional coaches they all are passionate about sharing their experience with the younger leaders.

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